Director's Message

To open a good, adnascent and mannered school was the aim of my life. Ambition Public School was established with the goal of providing education with hyaloid system in which nothing is hidden from you. You are there to judge our efforts. Your complaints and suggestions are welcomed every time. These things are making our institute unique.The campus has a cosmopolitan and disciplined atmosphere withstudents from all the phases of the society. Experienced and learned teachers are strongly encouraged to nurture the students. The working hours are extended in comparison to other schools. Our main focus is on the "Quality Education" instead of "Plausibility". The institute is persistently seeking and adopting the innovative methods to improve the quality of education.

Today's child is the father of the man. He can operate cell phones, computers and other such things which we are unable to do. He has better mind and dignified IQ but his mental powers require direction and counseling. There are many docile things which they should know. According to me, the worst thing is that the students do not know about Medical, Engineering and other charming fields. this hinders their mental development and makes them unable to set their goals. we know their weakness and we are working on it. we are regularly arranging assembly sessions and project works for their better English approach. Being the founder and managing Director of this school, i am trying to go beyond the feasibility to abolish the problems. I hope, this school will be a light house for the entire rural society of the region.

With steady steps,we continue our march forward. Again,i say, we will try to provide quality education in this institute to rural students and to provide lot of chance to them so that they can grow in life.

We are looking forward to effectuate your expectations.

Mr. V S Panwar
Founder and Managing Director